The United Methodist church offers the Sacrament of baptism to adults, youth and infants.  Baptism is a sign of God’s blessing and a step of faith for those who participate.  All who receive the water of baptism are identified as followers of Christ.


Infant baptism is an example of Prevenient Grace, the grace that prepares someone for a relationship with Christ.  As United Methodists, we believe that the journey of faith begins with a commitment to Christ.  Prevenient Grace refers to the work of the Holy Spirit to prepare a person for that commitment.  When a young child or baby is baptized, the parents are the ones who answer the questions of faith, (i.e. “do you believe in Christ?”  and “will you involve this child in the ministry of the church so that they will grow in their understanding of what it means to be a Christian?”)  The congregation then makes a promise to pray for and nurture this child in the faith until the time comes for them to take that step of faith for themselves.


Baptism can be received through sprinkling, pouring, or emersion.  If emersion is desired, we would schedule a location where it is possible for the candidate to go all the way under the water.  We believe there are scriptures that give meaning to all three forms; water is the physical symbol attached to this act, and God is the One who gives grace to all who receive.


If you wish to schedule a time to receive baptism for yourself or a family member please contact our pastor.  The sacrament of baptism is provided at either of our Sunday services.  A pastoral visit is requested to discuss the meaning of baptism in advance of the date chosen.



 Our commitment to the local community is to offer a hospitable place for a Memorial service and family lunch, for members and non-members.  The women of the church will provide a lunch if requested; for donation and cost of supplies.



 to get details about scheduling a wedding please contact the church office.  We are open to members and non-members; to reserve a date a $50 fee is required at the time of reservation.  A date can only be reserved after completing the reservation form and a first meeting with the pastor.


Current wedding policy:  based upon the 2012 Book of Discipline (which states the guidelines for all United Methodist Churches) and our understanding of Scripture, weddings can only be performed for a man and a woman.  This applies to the church facilities, grounds, and requests for the pastor.




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Maquoketa united Methodist church
Maquoketa united Methodist church