OUR MISSION: Making Disciples of Christ, equipped to Serve God and Neighbor.


We are a congregation that is excited about the renewing work of God's Holy Spirit. Our goal is to put faith into action in such a way as to impact our community for Christ.


Men of the Vine


Don’t forget that on October 8th, we will meet at 8:00

am in the Fellowship Hall for our monthly Men’s

Coffee. All men of the church are welcome for

fellowship and coffee on the second Saturday of the


current sermon series


The Story of a lifetime: what you do with this New Year matters!


I believe your story matters. I believe your life is meant to say something important — something unique. You were created so you could give voice to something the world needs to hear. What story are you telling with your current commitments and activities? This series will look at four stories; various people from history. Each will help us think through our own story and make certain it’s the story our life was meant to tell.


1/7 Mahatma Gandhi: my life is my message

1/14 Paul Brand: giving others the touch of Jesus

1/21 Chuck Colson: the story of Redemption

1/28 Patricius: bringing good out of bad



The United Methodist Church offers prayer, baptism, weddings and funerals.


Word on Wednesday

for kids from 3rd  to 5th grades.

Starts:  September 13 – 5:30-7:00pm

Join us for W.O.W.--Each Wednesday night includes: supper, games, and learning the Word of

God in a fun way with friends.




Grades 6-12 -- 6:00pm

Friends are welcome!

The new 6th graders can come Starts with supper and some Super games—Knocker Balls!

(inflatable soccer ball suits kids can wear)



maquoketa united methodist church
Maquoketa united Methodist church
maquoketa united methodist church
Maquoketa united Methodist church
Maquoketa united Methodist church